About the Brand

In 2022, the story of Kiyanaa (A Brand by Sun Diamond & Jewellers) unfolded during a momentous occasion – Satwik's brother's wedding. In India, the cherished cultural tradition of acquiring jewelry for both the bride and groom before the wedding took center stage. In their pursuit of excellence, they meticulously combed through our city and its neighboring regions, seeking unique designs and sustainable options. Yet, they found themselves unable to unearth anything that resonated with their discerning tastes. This experience became the catalyst for Satwik, once a directionless student, to carve out a vision.

Satwik immersed himself in courses and subsequently delved into the corporate realm of the diamond and jewelry industry. After a substantial period of industry immersion, Kiyanaa emerged – a brand seamlessly woven into the fabric of a woman's lifestyle. Kiyanaa stands as a beacon for exceptional designs, uncompromising quality, a commitment to sustainability, and a unique ability to radiate love while empowering women to articulate their individuality.

Our Kiyanaa team, though small, savors every shared moment. This company is more than a venture; it is Satwik’s life's passion. Those who become part of the Kiyanaa family inevitably absorb its essence, feeling the heartbeat of our emotions.

As we evolve, Kiyanaa is excited to announce our foray into crafting unique pieces for men, offering an opportunity for every individual to adorn themselves in our distinctive creations.

Join us on this enriching journey with Kiyanaa, where every piece of jewelry tells a story, and every woman and man finds a unique voice in self-expression.


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